About Tory

Hello, my name is Viktoria Chernikova - an artist and illustrator. Most of all I love to create images that will take you to a magical fairytale world

Tory illustrtor
Tory illustrator

I loved drawing since I was a child. When my grandma brought me to the artschool, the teacher who did evaluation of my art skills told that the abilities is definitely there... I felt happy and wanted to add even more points for myself by explaining that I’m also taking music lessons. But it had an opposite effect: "you cannot serve two masters" said the principal and by some reasons I chose music. With the time passed I gave up with a music and didn’t become an artist... lucky me it was not the end of the story. Art has always been in my soul since I remember and it tempted me to draw again and again. I would want to do it, but as I become older my inner perfectionist completely lost his mind. He thought that without an art background I’m imposter despite I was taking a lot of courses and never stop improving my skills. I was looking for some idea to help myself and other people and finally got a decision. I started to draw everyday no matter what and created an account "Baddest Artist", where now I inspire people to draw without self-judgement and believe in themselves. On www.instagram.com/badestartist/ you can find not only final artworks but also take a look at sketches and a process of creation.

Currently I’m creating images for art licensing, souvenir production and working on my own projects. I feel happy when my creations make people smile. Mostly I prefer to work digitally, in watercolour style and fantasy style, but sometimes I create in a traditional or mixed media. All my artworks are marked with the pen names Tory or Baddest Artist, unless they were fully licensed for use without my signature on them.

With my family I live in Seattle area of ​​Washington state.

Now I’m very happy and very thankful for who I am and I also very thankful to my family and friends, who supported me and believe in my abilities. Life is very creative process, wish you all success in achieving your dreams and a pleasant creativity!